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Presents- Joyce B. Whaley 

and ordained minister

Your ConfidantE AND Coach 

You Are Not Alone

Oftentimes we pretend as though we have life by the straps and we galloping along i.e.,  making major strides. We put on this front as if everything  transpiring in lives is  just how we planned. However behind the scenes we are sinking deeper in debt, making bad life decisions, abandoning vital relationships, unknowingly or knowingly excluded God from major life decisions.  Or, just perhaps it's none of what is mentioned above and you are just stuck; not achieving or gaining any ground although you are putting the time and effort in. ​

For the record it’s perfectly normal to stumble, lose our way , go off course,  get side track or just can't make heads or tails of what is really going on in your life.  That’s the beauty of the shared human experience.

As a LIFE COACH & AUTHOR, I will provide my complete confidence, unbiased support, guidance, constructive feedback and my life’s observations to every challenge that you might be facing. And trust me if I don’t know the answer we can seek God’s guidance for quick understanding together.  For the word of God states"where two or three are gathered together in my name he is in the mist" Matthew 18:20

It’s comforting and rewarding when you know you have an unbiased ear and voice. I have concluded that majority of the times we know the answer to the dilemma. But sometimes we need a sounding board. I AM THAT PERSON. I will show you how to operate effectively in both the spiritual and natural worlds, retrieving what you need or desire from the unseen world and bring into the natural realm. Allow me to provide a listening ear, insightful  counsel and strong advice on whatever you are going through. TOGETHER we can turn any situation around. Please take the time to read the testimonies and inquire about my life coaching services today.

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